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Drought Tolerant Landscape and Design, Landscape Installation, Water Conservation Solutions, Irrigation and Mainline Repair and More

Complete Landscaping and Design at an Affordable Price

With over 30 years of Experience at your Service!

If it's a new landscape or an existing one, let the experts at our company provide you with a unique landscape from concept to completion. With decades of experience and impeccable craftsmanship, your project will be a beautiful and everlasting yard.

Our Services Include:

Landscape Design: We offer complete landscape design services including hardscape, irrigation, planting, drainage and more. We provide these services at a very fair price and if you have us install the project for you, design services are free!

We are also experts in converting existing landscapes to beautiful low water usage landscapes and, of course, design new landscapes that are drought tolerant.

  • Water Conservation: We can drastically lower your water usage by reducing lawn areas, installing drip irrigation, re-designing planted areas, checking for leaks, mulching, installing hardscape and many other solutions. Today’s artificial lawns actually look real!
  • Consulting: Our consultation work is free. There is also no charge for estimates.
  • Demolition: We can remove nearly everything from your project, such as concrete, decking, plant materials, other organic debris, trees, buildings and more.
  • Cleanups: If all you need is a yard cleanup like removing unwanted materials, we can do it for you at a reasonable price. We also do pruning or removing plants and trees, pressure washing, pond cleaning, hauling, yard maintenance, or anything else to fix up your yard!
  • Grading: We have the equipment and the experience to change the grade of your landscape for proper slope and drainage.
  • Drainage: We are your drainage experts for installing drainage to your downspouts, behind retaining walls, adding surface drains in low areas and preventing flood damage, channeling drains across driveways and walkways, adding sump pumps in problem areas, fixing pool and water feature overflow, or any other potential water issues.
  • Concrete Work: All work is completed in-house, from excavation, grading, forming and cleanup. We offer stamped concrete, stained concrete, unique aggregates, colored concrete and much more for your driveways, patios and walkways.
  • Masonry: We install brick, flagstone, cultured stone and block work for your driveways, walkways, paths, patios, retaining walls, pillars, mailboxes and much more.
  • Carpentry: All your woodworking needs are provided by us, including decks, fencing, play structures, planters, gates, gazebos, chicken coops, dog houses, buildings, arbors, trellises and more.
  • Low Voltage Lighting: We specialize in creating a living landscape at night from plants, patios,entryways, anywhere!
  • Mainline: If you have low water pressure to your home because of old mainline, we can repair or replace this for you.
  • Retaining Walls: We install all types of retaining walls, including rock walls, keystone-type walls, and block walls with stucco or cultured stone. We can install any type of retaining wall.
  • Irrigation: We are the irrigation experts. We have designed our own tried and true drip systems. We also excel in every facet of irrigation installation, including small planter beds, large or small lawns, shrubs, ground cover, trees, sun or shade, slopes or not. If these need frequent water applications and your aim is to reduce waste, have us do it. If you have a well, have us do it, and if you want the latest, best, and easiest irrigation products, have us do it.
  • Soil Preparation: Preparing the soil is a very important part of your landscape project. You must add the correct amendments to have healthy, thriving plant materials and lawns. We have before and after pictures to prove this.
  • Planting: Planting is often overlooked as the easy part of landscaping, however spacing plants correctly, planting them where they will actually grow, planting the correct type of plants and trees, digging the correct size hole, planting at the correct depth, facing the plant properly, watering them correctly, as well as adding the correct amendments are paramount to success. Our projects over the years speak for themselves.We also hand select our plant material from the nursery.
  • Boulders: We also place boulders of any size. Placing boulders correctly is an art and adds interest to any yard.
  • Dry Creeks: As you will see in our picture gallery, we try to make our dry creeks look like which you would find in nature.
  • Water Features: We love to install waterfalls, ponds and streams. Pond-less water features are becoming more popular as you don’t have a pond to take care of. We also excel in fish and Koi ponds. We make our water features mimic nature and we have won many awards for this service.
  • Vegetable Gardens and Planters: We like to build our vegetable planters out of stone or keystone type blocks, as it will never rot and it’s less expensive to install than wood.
  • Pavers: We install all types of paver systems for driveways, patios and walkways.
  • Metal Work: We make and install wrought iron fencing, railings, gazebos, arbors and trellises.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: We build and install BBQs, pizza ovens, mister systems, kitchens and more.

If you want something you don't see above (like a stone bridge for instance) our professionals can do it!

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