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Landscape Installation Service

The drought is here to stay in our area. As more people and resources use water, we must find ways to conserve water in our landscape. The landscape is the first place cutting back will be implemented. The good news is our Water Conservation Service will provide you a complete water audit by checking each system and it's water usage and recommending any changes that may need to be made. Some changes that may need to be implemented would be to change to drip irrigation, change, move and adjust sprinkler heads for more efficient coverage, proper irrigation controllers and programming, reducing plant material, mulching, re-designing landscape by reducing lawn and planted areas, add deep watering to existing trees and larger shrubs, adding hardscaping and other features and even installing artificial lawns which look pretty real now and are cost effective. YOU CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LOW WATER USING LANDSCAPE! Give us a call or send an e-mail for a consultation. Remember if you let your landscape go it is going to cost a fortune to re-do it down the road.