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Drought Tolerant Landscape and Design, Landscape Installation, Water Conservation Solutions, Irrigation and Mainline Repair and More

Irrigation Service offers complete design and repair of all types of irrigation.Our Irrigation Service experts specialise in drip irrigation and retrofitting existing irrigation systems to drip and other low water use irrigation systems. Our Irrigation Service experts also do complete auditing of existing landscape water use and find solutions for improving water usage which may include changing or improving existing systems, re- design landscape by reducing lawn areas, adding hardscaping and other features, mulching, and even installing artificial lawn which actually looks real and has gone way down in cost. Don't let the drought destroy your landscaping.

Another service we provide is detecting leaks in your water system from your meter to your valves and beyond. Many times people are unaware they have a mainline leak to their home or their irrigation, also your water pressure may be weak due to old mainline. Our Irrigation Experts will check and test your mainline and will fix or replace it at a fraction of the cost of a plumber.